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Hosts-bread for concelebration
Hosts-bread for concelebration Hosts-bread for concelebration Hosts-bread for concelebration Hosts-bread for concelebration
Hosts-bread for concelebration

Hosts-bread for concelebration


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Model: OP001003
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Hosts-bread used for concelebration, these hosts feature a light yellow colour thicker than standard hosts and very similar to bread.
They have a diameter of 13.5 cm and a thickness of 2mm.
These hosts are hand-made by the nuns of the Monastery of Saint Mark.
The symbols appearing on the hosts are the following: fish with IXOYC or cross with IC OC NI KA.
Available in packets containing 5 or 10 hosts.
Choose the desired package under the immages.

  • Model: OP001003
  • Shipping Weight: 0.4Kg
  • Materials: hosts
  • Origin: Italy

  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Diameter: 13.5 cm

  • Thickness: 0.08 in
  • Diameter: 5.31 in

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09/06/2014 -


The product good enough. Wont a more crumbly.The perfect service.

07/04/2014 -


Visible at all during the celebration and it helps to understand that bread. Great product, I use it for some time now and I'm satisfied.

05/25/2014 -


Only three stars, but quite satisfied. The perfect shipping service.

04/28/2014 -


Excellent product and adequate consistency. The price basically average. Ultra fast shipping as always

04/11/2014 -


All ok; quick and easy purchase, fast delivery. Goods as per expectation, thanks.

03/12/2014 -


Excellent product and excellent texture. The price seems fair enough. Fast delivery as always

10/07/2013 -


After the first Pack, reorder immediately and in Pack of 10 PCs. I confirm what is written above.

07/26/2013 -


Excellent finish, the design clearly visible. Having the tent-Church communion wafers with the humidity they bend, they do not deform.

03/02/2013 -


We utilizzizziamo the hosts to routinely concelebarzione in festive masses, so the sign of "broken bread for all" more obvious. The quality excellent.

02/14/2013 -


Reorder for their excellent quality. In Pack of 10 I found a host with two fragments of disconnected edges maybe at the time of packing, inside the envelope. As mentioned in a previous post would be even better if the package was made so that it can be closed.

12/06/2012 -


Used in the concelebration was or even in the most solemn celebrations, enhances further the gesture of the breaking of bread. In terms of taste, absolutely incomparable. Maybe a bit especially for those accustomed to hosts more subtle, but definitely more significant.

12/04/2012 -


excellent in all directions and advice for all parrociin because it does not leave any crumbs as usual can happen with others.

07/28/2012 -


Excellent product. Just a tip: generally for the hosts by celebration packs exist with re-sealable tab that allow you to preserve the remaining hosts. Here the package once opened cannot be closed.

10/11/2010 -


For the ideal concelebration, because it just seems, bread for the color and thickness.