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Pea-size incense

Pea-size incense


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Model: GR000005
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Natural incense, Pea-size refers to the size of grains (average grain size). The grains gives the product a better aesthetic look, produce less dust and less smoke emissions. This incense is suitable for liturgical celebrations.The plateis not included.

If you wish to purchase a sample of this incense, please CLICK HERE.

  • Model: GR000005
  • Shipping Weight: 0.4Kg
  • Materials: 100% natural incense
  • Origin: Italy

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01/08/2015 -


Much smoke, which may also be appreciated. Very light fragrance. Surely to be coupled to something else.

03/31/2014 -


I had tested this incense with a sample, I confirm his bont. Fast and punctual shipment packing more perfect. Thank you

03/30/2014 -


Citrusy recalls almost limoncello. It struck me particularly, perhaps, to make the most of it with other essences and not used alone.

01/26/2014 -


We use normally this incense. It gives off odors details but does an intense smoke and solemn. Generally we match a few fragrant essence to enhance the aroma.

06/10/2013 -


Boswellia Sacra frankincense in medium grains (size just larger than a pine nut or peanut). Excellent and intense scent, perfect to use on a charcoal burning half the consumer at the right speed. Ideal, gradually the charcoal consumed, pass by the largest grains, such as white drop, to this, to end up sifting. For lovers of traditional scent.

02/06/2013 -


I have to hear him, but the product left me puzzled, I found acrid and unpleasant with a final of burn.

02/22/2012 -


I was looking for the classic bouquet typical of religious services, with the incense, it just seems to sit in a church after several samples I finally found what I was looking for.

10/05/2010 -


Excellent for the liturgy! The smell released in fact neutral and well lends itself to being paired with some essence. If the coal of the thurible well lit, incense is consumed slowly releasing a large amount of smoke that lasts normally for the duration of the incensation. I recommend it for particularly solemn celebrations.