The beneficial properties of natural incense

The beneficial properties of natural incense

Incense has been used by mankind for thousands of years, since the ancient civilisations of Africa and Asia.

Its extraordinary effects on the body and mind have caused it to be considered from the beginning a kind of miraculous substance, suitable to the adoration of the gods, religious celebrations and in general to all that concerned the sphere of spirituality. The use of incense, as well as bark and fragrant wood, needed to appease the gods, to bring people together with them, or with the afterlife. The incense was also used to purify the environment and the body.

In all ancient cultures and in the great sacred texts of all religions, from the Bible to the Qur’an, there are references to the use of incense.

But what is the incense? It is a resin secreted by some in particular trees, dried and often mixed with aromatic wood, leaves, flowers and berries, which give the substance a different fragrance. The purity, the color and the size of the grains defining the various types of incense.

Even today there are many types of natural incense, incense mixtures, fragrant incense, balms and essences based incense. The use of incense is no longer limited to the environment and religious occasion, but also for example to the fragrance of the domestic environments and in many cases is aimed at the welfare of the person. In fact, many ancient medicines, such as Ayurveda, has always professed the benefits that natural incense can bring to the welfare and physical and spiritual health, and today the incense is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in that of perfumes. It is used to produce creams and ointments, as an antiseptic for the lungs, as an adjunct in meditation, and in many other cases.

Even aromatherapy uses it extensively: there is evidence that the different types of incense may have significant effects on mood, stress reduction, anger, hormonal balance, and libido.

A fascinating feature is that you very often choose to work this precious substance according to ancient traditional methods, to maintain intact all the exceptional properties.