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Monstrances, Chapel monstrance, Reliquaries, Thabors

Monstrances, chapel monstrance, reliquaries and thabors of different manufacture: precious items handcrafted by Italian artisans. You'll find more than 300 ostensoriums, chapel monstrances, reliquaries and thabors made of olive wood, metal, ceramic and monstrances, shrines, reliquaries and thabors in many other materials.
This category is divided into three subcategories: "
Thabors for monstrances", "Monstrances, reliquaries in olive wood" and "Monstrances, chapel monstrances and reliquaries in metal".

Melina | 6/7/2024
Again I wish to thank you for your prompt reply and the efficiency with which you are dealing...
David | 5/31/2024
Good morning, Please may I say thank you to.your Staff for the safe.arrival of 2xChasubles...
Veronica | 5/27/2024
They delivered it and I just opened it and everything is overwhelmingly gorgeous!!!!! The crosses...