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Medjugorje rosary with lilac roses resurrected Jesus

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Medjugorje rosary with lilac roses resurrected Jesus
Medjugorje rosary with lilac roses in synthtic paste and cross of resurrected Jesus. This rosary is handmade by an artisan from Medjugorje with 10 mm sytnthetic paste roses. On the center piece there is a bombatino with the image of Our Lady of Medjugorje and Jesus the compassionate on the back. Since this article is handmade and the shapes and pigments of each rose are different, each item is a unique piece and may be slightly different from the photo.

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Corona molto bella con la novità delle perline in tinta tra una rosellina e l'altra.

Melina | 6/7/2024
Again I wish to thank you for your prompt reply and the efficiency with which you are dealing...
David | 5/31/2024
Good morning, Please may I say thank you to.your Staff for the safe.arrival of 2xChasubles...
Veronica | 5/27/2024
They delivered it and I just opened it and everything is overwhelmingly gorgeous!!!!! The crosses...