How to decorate the table at Christmas

How to decorate the table at Christmas

Christmas is the holiday that more than any other influences every year all aspects of daily life. Even those who choose not to celebrate it cannot help but be fascinated, be wrapped and infected by the atmosphere that is created in the streets, in shops, in homes today.

It is a magic of colors, lights, perfumes, that sense of warmth and fellowship that warms hearts and makes us all feel closer somehow, better, more well-disposed towards our neighbour. The choice to decorate their home for Christmas, and especially that of beautifying your table of the Feast, it is therefore important.

It is a way to bring into the home and family a bit of that warmth, and at the same time decorate the environments in which you consume every day life and make them, for the celebration period, brighter, most elegant, and, in a word: special.

There are countless suggestions that may advise how to decorate the table at Christmas. Fashion magazines and shop windows are full of them. Solutions for everyone, for all budgets, some voted almost exclusively to a choice of refined elegance, luxury, design and glamour; others are more careful to maintain, despite the beauty and refinement of the details, the unique atmosphere that characterises Christmas.

There are Christmas candles arranged wisely to light and heat the table, angel shaped, perhaps, or  a golden pine cone, or simply beautiful candles, special, only for special occasions, enriched with around Christmas candles, decorated with berries, holly, red beads, or even arranged in refined holders in the shape of angel wings, for example. A great classic is wreaths and garlands, used as decorations for the house, for the door, but also as a centrepiece or candle holder. Still, smaller decorations can be used as place cards on the table of the feast, little trinkets are decorated, perhaps made with wood, to give the house more warmth and a sense of familiarity.

Alternative and compatible solutions are available to make the celebration table unique and memorable.