Complete Nativity Sets for those who didn’t have time to make their own

Complete Nativity Sets for those who didn’t have time to make their own

It is always good idea to be able to build a homemade nativity scene, customising and enriching it with unique details, populating it with figures chosen on the basis of their own experience, childhood memories, or just for the sake of finding something familiar and intimate in a tradition so old and beautiful.

But unfortunately we are always in a hurry, and very often the Christmas holidays coincide with periods in which work becomes even more pressing, commitments thicken, and the time to devote to what we really like diminishes more and more. This does not mean having to give up the nativity, not at all. Fortunately there are beautiful nativities that are sold ready-made, with all the accessories and figurines.

These are beautifully-made nativity scenes with huts, villages and perfectly reconstructed environments. They can be small, medium and large, depending on your needs and available space, and can be made of different materials, from stone to wood maple or olive, to porcelain, resin, for all tastes and all budgets.

Even the styles vary greatly: there are complete nativity scenes that recall the great Italian nativity traditions, from Neapolitan scenes to those of Val Gardena.

Buying a complete crib is comfortable and ensures a safe outcome for each type of house and furniture. Moreover, in this kind of nativity, the figurines are already all perfectly coordinated with each other, in a harmony of shapes and form that add elegance and sobriety. An order that is often lacking in DIY nativities is where figures differ to each other in size and style, and looking at them together is not always pleasant. Some of these ready-made nativities, then, may turn out to be real furniture and design objects, that will give value to your home or the home of friends who choose to give them away.