How to tell your child about the birth of Jesus

How to tell your child about the birth of Jesus

For today’s children, accustomed to a constant and often too hectic flow of information, it is not easy to understand the true spirit of Christmas. For many of them it is just an opportunity to receive gifts and special attention, but it would be really nice to be able to tell them about the miracle of the birth of Jesus in a simple and understandable way.

You could try to turn it into a fairy tale, because all children love fairy tales, even today.

Joseph and Mary


Once upon a time, there was a carpenter named Joseph, who had a young and beautiful wife named Mary. The King of their country ordered all families living in its territories to be counted and have their names written on large lists by its officials. This is why Joseph and Mary had to travel to the city of Bethlehem and took their journey, even though Maria expecting a child.


Birth of Jesus




When they arrived in Bethlehem, though, on a cold December night, no one gave them hospitality. Hotels and inns were full. So Joseph and Mary took refuge in a barn, where an old ox were sleeping. Here Mary gave birth to her baby, Jesus, and put him in the straw to keep him warm, where the ox and the ass of Joseph warmed him with their breath.





But they could not know that while they attended to the small boy, outside the barn was an angel of the Lord flying in the sky announcing to people that a very special child was born, the greatest of all kings. Many shepherds went to the barn with their flocks, to see this miraculous baby and worship him.


Tres Reyes Magos




And not only that. The news of this birth spread throughout the realm. In the eastern sky a magical comet appeared, which also led three wise men to the place where baby Jesus was born. The wise men came a few days later with precious gifts of gold, perfumed incense and fragrant myrrh, gifts worthy of a great king, and everyone celebrated baby Jesus together, who came into this world to bring joy and salvation.