Base cover for the Christmas tree: an extra touch of originality

Base cover for the Christmas tree: an extra touch of originality

The base cover for the Christmas Tree is an extra stylish detail to make your holiday home even more beautiful and original

Base covers for Christmas trees Well, yes, this is also part of the endless solutions to decorate our Tree on the occasion of the most beautiful party ever. We have published many articles in the past advising on how to decorate the Christmas Tree, which colours to choose for the decorations (or for the Tree itself), and which style. Today we are talking about the underneath Christmas tree, or basic bodies, or even skirts for the Christmas tree, a seemingly obvious accessory, but which can make the difference between a successful set-up and a sloppy and clumsy one.

The Christmas tree cover is nothing more than the covering that hides the base of the tree, whether it is a vase, in the case of real Christmas trees, or a support of some kind, in the case of artificial Christmas trees. Especially in the case of the latter, the support is usually made up of rather ugly metal elements, which make adequate coverage even more necessary. Here, then, is the ‘skirt’ for the Christmas tree, which with a little imagination and taste can become an integral part of the Christmas decorations. Not only that but since gifts are also arranged under the Tree, the presence of a colourful base cover, which harmonises with the furniture and other homely decorations, will make the moment of the exchange of gifts even more pleasant.

Usually, the base covers for the Christmas Tree are made of fabric mats, because they must wrap the vase or the base of the Christmas Tree softly. There are also more rigid models, which create a kind of cone around the structure. They are equipped with a hole in the middle, from which the trunk of the Tree comes out, and usually also have a side opening, which allows them to be inserted and removed easily even once the Christmas Tree is already set up. In this way, when the work is finished, we can hide metal supports, lighting wires and everything that could ruin the final effect of our Christmas set-up.

You can also choose other solutions to cover the base of the Christmas Tree, such as the timeless crepe paper, which is ‘shaped’ around any type of support, or a wicker basket, a wooden box, or wanting to remain on the idea of the fabric an old scarf, a coloured carpet, a wool shawl. Some use a lot of jute, a material used for many skirts for the Christmas tree, parcel paper and, why not, coloured boxes that simulate fake Christmas gifts… but the latter solution seems really sad!!

Christmas Tree Base Cover on Holyart

In our online store, you will find several proposals for Christmas tree covers. You can choose the one that best suits your taste and the style you have chosen to decorate the house for Christmas.
For a rustic style, reminiscent of the mountain, take a look at the beautiful machine-embroidered and hand-finished Christmas Tree base cover, decorated with images of deer and snowflakes. It has a diameter of 120 cm and is fixed with practical laces around the base of the Christmas Tree. It is made of lurex and polyester, with 100% cotton padding. Suitable for a romantic Christmas in the countryside, but also any context and furniture, for the finesse of the materials and the elegance of the design

Simpler and cheaper, in light jute and without laces, only with the hole for the trunk of the Christmas Tree, the base cover with the smiling and ruby face of Santa Claus will bring joy to all homes. It is decorated with images of holly and berries and has red borders that circle all around, for an extra Christmas note.

In white cloth with red edges, the Christmas Tree base cover with a cute Santa surrounded by stars will please the little ones, with its naive and cheerful style. The softness of the cloth will allow you to completely wrap the base of the Christmas Tree and hide any threads, but it will also give a touch of warmth to our Christmas set-up.

Christmas tree skirt with snowflakes and reindeers. 47 in diameter
Christmas tree skirt with snoflakes and reindeers d. 47 in
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Christmas tree base cover. White with red edge. 105 cm
Christmas Tree base cover, white with red edge 105 cm
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Christmas Tree base cover with Santa Claus and a tree. 100 cm
Christmas Tree base cover, Santa Claus and tree 100 cm
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Red Christmas tree skirt with Santa Claus and a Merry Christmas inscription. 125 cm.
Red Christmas tree skirt with Santa and "Merry Christmas" inscription 125 cm
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Christmas tree base cover made of natural wood. Santa's sleight. 17x17 in.
Christmas tree base cover, natural wood, Santa's sleigh, 17x17 in
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