Jewellery with the Tree of Life: Why and When to give

Jewellery with the Tree of Life: Why and When to give

The Tree of Life is a symbol that occurs in many cultures. Let’s discover its meaning and why giving a jewel that represents it, is a gesture of great affection and friendship

Since ancient times men have bestowed upon the surrounding nature a strong spiritual value. Trees and plants in particular have been used as powerful religious and esoteric symbols as early as ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians and Greeks.

The Tree of Life is in this sense an archetype that recurs in infinite variations, as a vital symbol, regenerator, and bearer of hope and strength. It depends on the shape of the tree itself, with roots that sink into the ground and symbolise attachment to the earth, to the origins, and the trunk that rises towards the sky, extending branches and leaves and acting in a certain sense as a bridge between the world of men and that of the gods, but also as a boundary between Good and Evil, Life and Death.

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The meaning of the Tree of Life
The tree of life deserves a special mention. It appears in the Holy Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation…

In the biblical context, the Tree of Life was placed in the centre of the Earthly Paradise, next to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Until Adam and Eve, were allowed to eat of it the fruits were immortal, immune to pain, to disease. With the Original Sin and the ensuing expulsion from Paradise, they lost this privilege.

Subsequently, the symbolism of the Tree of Life evolved, transforming itself into the Cross of Jesus, the instrument of Salvation, the emblem of the supreme sacrifice of the Redeemer, who by immolating himself brought God and men closer together, with a new promise of eternal life.


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The Garden of Eden in Genesis
The Garden of Eden represents the first, immense gift that God gave to man and woman.

Giving the Tree of Life is a way to wish good luck to someone we love, for the beginning of something new: a new job, a new home, but also marriage and even the birth of a child. The Tree of Life symbolises on the one hand the stability of affection, family, true friendship, and our roots, in short, on the other, the ability to grow and ‘bear fruit’, to develop our potential, our talents, accepting change and improving more and more.

Here is a set of jewels with the Tree of Life:

Necklace with Tree of Life and green tassel
Necklace with Tree of Life pendant plated in antique silver. Necklace with rolo chain and cord composed by a green tassel and a dove in silver.
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earrings us
AMEN Drop earrings 925 sterling silver rhodiumrosé angel and tree of life
AMEN drop earrings in 925 sterling silver with a rosé finished angel of 0.39 inches of height and a round pendant finished in rhodium.
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bracelet amen
Amen bracelet with tree of life charm
The pendants are a 1cm angel and a 1cm silver ring containing the tree of life.Total length 2.5 cm.
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925 Silver Double Chain Tree of Life Bracelet. Elegant, but also modern, with the angel-shaped pendant in rose silver with white zircons, and the tree of life in two-tone silver. Very suitable for communion or confirmation.

AMEN round necklace with a Tree of Life in rhodium-plated 925 silver and rosé, with angel covered with white zircons. A young jewel, suitable for any occasion.

Necklace with the tree of life and brown tassel plated in silver with an antique finish, a jewel that evokes fantastic atmospheres, with a small key, a sparkling light point and a nice bell. Suitable for younger and dreamy girls.

AMEN Tree of Life earrings, pretty pendants in 925 silver with a medal representing the tree of life in rosé finish on a rhodium circle. A small angel embellished with white zircons adheres to the lobes, for an extra touch of elegance. Perfect for Mother’s Day, but also a special Valentine’s Day.

More challenging, and suitable as a gift for Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary, the AMEN Necklace in 925 rose silver with a heart-shaped pendant that encloses the tree of life studded with white zircons.

Always as a gift suitable for her and him, the AMEN prayer ring is with the Tree of Life, but in silver with a rosé finish, to wear every day to keep those you love close to the heart.

925 silver AMEN Tree of Life bracelet with rhodium-plated finish. The tree of life and the stylised angel with a rosé finish make it suitable for all ages and every occasion.

To finish in beauty, the precious pendant with a golden Tree of Life, and laser perforated and embellished with 36 hand-embedded Swarovski white zircons. A precious jewel, for an important gift, suitable for a ceremony, an anniversary, an unforgettable occasion.