The medal of St. Benedict

The medal of St. Benedict

The medal of St. Benedict is a widespread sacred symbol among the Catholics. It reminds the faithfuls who wear it, the constant presence of God and his protection.
On one side of the St. Benedict medal, a cross is depicted on which the Benedictine order’s motto: “Pax” (Peace) is engraved.

The cross is surrounded by a circle of letters that are the initials of words that compose one of the protection and exorcism prayers from evil, considered one of the most powerful and efficient ones ever.

C.S.P.B. = Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti (Cross of the Holy Father Benedict)
C.S.S.M.L. = Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux (Holy Cross be my light)
N.D.S.M.D. = Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux (the devil is not my leader)
V.R.S. = Vade Retro, Satan! (Move away, Satan!)
N.S.M.V. = Numquam Suade Mihi Vana (Do not attract me to the vanities)
S.M.Q.L. = Sunt Mala Quae Libas (ills are your drinks)
I.V.B. = Ipse Venena Bibas (drink yourself your poison)

On the other side of the medal of St. Benedict it is depicted the Saint in monastic robes, holding the Cross in his right hand and in his left an open book, the Benedictine Rule. The figure of the Saint is surrounded by other protection words, linked to some episodes of his life.

The medal of St. Benedict was approved in 1742 by Pope Benedict XIV, in order to meet the increasingly enormous devotion to the Saint and this powerful symbol. The Pope granted the medal and the crucifix in which it was set (the “Crucifix of Good Death”) a plenary indulgence.

For this reason, the medal of St. Benedict is still considered one of the most powerful sacred objects of the Church, especially on deathbed.
St. Benedict Medal is usually consecrated by a priest belonging to the Benedictine order.

The medal of St. Benedict would provide to anyone who carries it and trusts in it:

– Protection against evil and other evil works;
– Removal of the evil-minded;
– Sick animals care or affected by the evil eye;
– Protection against temptations, illusions and harassment of devil, especially against chastity;
– Conversion, particularly when you are in danger of death;
– Antidote against poison;
– Health in the case of gallstones, pain in the hips, bleeding, hemoptysis, bites of contagious animal;
– Aid to Mothers Against Abortion;
– Safety from lightning and storms.