Religious wrist cufflinks: the ultimate guide

Religious wrist cufflinks: the ultimate guide

Wrist cufflinks are elegant and refined accessories, which are only apparently old-fashioned. Both men and women can wear them, and they can turn into small unique and precious jewels, able to emphasize the personality of those wearing them.

Let’s find out how they are made, how they have to be worn, and their meaning, but most of all, let’s get to know the charm of religious wrist cufflinks.

Wrist cufflinks were known originally as ‘sleeve buttons’; they are two decorative buttons, which are necessary to close the cuffs of those shirts and suits that have no fixed buttons, such as the ‘French’ cuff shirts. In fact, the cuffs of these particular clothes have two eyelets where there are usually an eyelet on one side and a button on the other side. Since one connection element is missing, the cufflink is an efficient and elegant alternative to join the two sides. It goes through the eyelets and then it is fixed, closing the cuff.

What is the origin of cufflinks?

The use of cufflinks is quite ancient, even if there is no certainty of the exact time they appeared in the history of clothing. They probably date back to the Renaissance in England, where tying the eyelet on cuffs and dresses with two decorative buttons joined by a chain was very popular among aristocrats and bourgeois. At the beginning, those ornaments were called ‘sleeve buttons’, and soon aroused jewelers’ creativity: they immediately began creating wonderful pieces using gold, silver and hard stones, and even making personalized pieces for their rich clients.  In the 18th century the trend of cufflinks became popular in Europe as well, it was a real must-have, a symbol of elegance.

Wrist cufflinks with initials are very popular today as well, in particular on special occasions; cufflinks with emblems of clubs and associations, or simple decors expressing the personality of those wearing them are also very popular.

How are cufflinks made?

Wrist cufflinks are made of three elements: two flat parts and a connection chain that can be fixed or movable. In the simplest models, the flat part on the back can also be a metal piece.

Here are the various parts that compose wrist cufflinks:

Cufflinks Silver 925, Miraculous Madonna 1,7x1,7cm
Cufflinks Silver 925, Miraculous Madonna
  1. The front face – the upper flat part of the cufflink can have different shapes, and is the real ornamental element. It is usually made of precious materials such as gold or silver, where the producer can carve initials of the owner, symbols or various emblems. There are also wrist cufflinks with hard stones decorating the upper face, making them real jewels. The flat part of simpler cufflinks can be made of fabrics or other less refined materials, more modern and informal;
  2. The linchpin – it is the fixed or movable element that is inserted in the buttonhole and connects the two flat parts of the cufflink;
  3. The back face, or the swivel bar – the flat part on the back, where the linchpin is fixed to fix the cufflink to the cuff; it can be a metal piece in simpler models, with no decors and lighter, which can anyway fix it to the cuff.

Let’s see how wrist cufflinks must be worn. There are different types of cufflinks, distinguished by the shape and the way they are inserted:

  1. Whale-back cufflinks (the swivel bar has the shape of a whale tail, and is inserted into the buttonhole vertically and parallel to the linchpin; then, it is turned to close the cufflink. Only the front face is visible);
  2. Torpedo cufflink, or with tilting closure (the post is shaped like a small torpedo);
  3. Button cufflinks (they look like buttons, and both faces are decorated. In order to wear them, you need to incline the back face by 90° and let it slide into the buttonhole, then put it back straight);
  4. Cufflinks with chain connection (two identical flat faces connected by a chain. They offer a softer wearability and leave more space for wrist movements);
  5. Sphere cufflinks (the closure is a sphere, a chain connects it to the flat face);
  6. Cufflinks with double action closure (modern, they are closed by a hinges mechanism recalling clocks. They are easy to wear and both faces are decorated);
  7. Cufflinks with silk knot (made of two silk knots connected by a cord. Modern and casual)

Let’s take a look at religious wrist cufflinks. If you are looking for wrist cufflinks in our Holyart catalog, you will find exclusive silver wrist cufflinks for shirts. They are obviously not common cufflinks. Holyart cufflinks are particular because they are decorated with religious subjects. There are of many kinds: button, torpedo, whale tail, all made in Italy by master artisans in natural or gilded silver 800, and embellished by small rhinestones and precious stones.

Maltese Cross Cufflinks, burnished 925 Silver
Maltese Cross Cufflinks in burnished 925 Silver, 1,8cm diameter. Cufflinks with Maltese Cross engraved, diameter 1,8cm. Weight: 4,11gr
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Silver 800 rosé, PAX symbol
Cufflinks Silver 800 rosé, PAX symbol 1,7x1,7cm Cufflinks with PAX symbol engraved. These jewels in silver are embellished with little zircons. Weight: 4,84gr
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Cufflinks for shirts, Silver 925 Vatican City keys 1,7x1,7cm
Cufflinks for shirts, Silver 925 Vatican City keys 1,7x1,7cm Cufflinks depicting Vatican City's keys, embellished with little zircons. Weight: 4,49gr
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Cufflinks with St Benedict cross in gold plated brass
Cufflinks with St Benedict cross made of gold plated brass, diameter 1,7cm. These cufflinks are enriched by small zircons. Cufflinks weights 7.33gr
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The subjects are various and different: Saint Benedict’s Cross, Jerusalem Cross, Malta’s Cross, Vatican keys, Agnus Dei, Raphael’s angel, Saint Anthony from Padua, the PAX symbol, or the images of the Miraculous Madonna or Our Lady of Lourdes. There are even religious wrist cufflinks with the words of the Hail Mary or Our Father carved on. In short, a wide variety of exclusive and unique jewels, suitable for any occasion, which you can buy for yourself or give someone else for a special occasion.

When is the best time to give cufflinks?

They are very particular gifts, very personal, but can be worn in many occasions. It all depend on the person that will receive them. They are apt for a ceremony, a wedding, or maybe a promotion at work, but also for an important anniversary. They will surely be an original and appreciated gift.

How much do wrist cufflinks cost?

There are of any price and possibility, in silver or gold, but also other less precious materials, decorated with rhinestones and precious stones; or even made of silk, with small varnish images or other original elements. Look around online to find out where you can buy wrist cufflinks; you’ll discover an elegant and unique world made of precious and timeless style details.