The patron saint of marriages Saint Anthony of Padua

The patron saint of marriages Saint Anthony of Padua

Doctor of the Church, Hammer of Heretics, Protector of the Poor, Saint Anthony of Padua is also considered the patron saint of marriages. Let’s see why.

While Saint Rita of Cascia is regarded as the protector of marriages, particularly of unfortunate brides, there is also a patron saint of marriages. We are talking about Saint Anthony of Padua, one of the most beloved and revered saints among Catholics. A shining example of Christian wisdom, he authored fundamental and precious theological works that earned him the title of Doctor of the Church. He was personally appointed by Saint Francis to teach theology. Of Portuguese origin, Saint Anthony lived through the tumultuous years at the end of the Middle Ages when Europe was rocked by immense political and social changes. As the eldest son of a noble family, Anthony experienced all the comforts of a wealthy youth but soon showed a love for study and a desire to embrace a life dedicated to Christ. He chose the Franciscan Order and, upon arriving in Italy, met Saint Francis, whose ideology he fiercely supported, even against the heresies that plagued the Church at that time. For his work in evangelization and fighting heresies, he earned the nickname “malleus hereticorum,” the hammer of heretics. Besides being mentioned among the Doctors of the Church and his merits as a theologian and preacher, Saint Anthony is also remembered for his miracles, which made him the protector of the poor, the hungry, and lost objects.

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Proclaimed a saint by Pope Gregory IX, who summoned him to Rome to preach Lenten meditations to him and the cardinals, he also became famous as the saint who helped women find a husband. This belief remains deeply rooted in popular devotion to the extent that even today, there is a custom of reciting a special Prayer to Saint Anthony to find a boyfriend, as well as a Prayer for Marriage that young couples address to the Saint.

But let’s see why Saint Anthony of Padua became the protector of marriage and a valuable aid for those seeking a good engagement.

In the era when the Saint lived, it was not easy for a woman to find a good husband, especially if she did not have a substantial dowry. There is a legend about Saint Anthony that one day, while in Naples, he was visited by a desperate girl whose family could not provide her with an adequate dowry to get married. The Saint gave her a thin piece of paper and told her to take it to a merchant with the message to give her as many silver coins as it would take to equal the weight of that note. The merchant laughed, astonished by the oddity of the request, but his surprise was great when he realized that no matter how much silver he placed on the scale, he could not balance the message from Saint Anthony. Only when 400 silver coins were placed on the scale did the merchant remember that he had promised exactly that sum to Saint Anthony long ago but had never delivered it. The girl took the silver and made the best marriage she could hope for, and from then on, Saint Anthony became the protector of marriages.

Prayer to Saint Anthony to Find a Husband

We were talking about special prayers to Saint Anthony of Padua, the protector of marriages, to find a husband, as well as a prayer for engaged couples. Here it is:

My dear friend Saint Anthony,

you who are the protector of engaged couples,

look upon me, see my life,

my desires,

and intercede for me.

Defend me from dangers,

keep failures, disappointments, and disillusionment away from me.

Make me realistic,

confident, worthy, and joyful.

Help me find a partner

who I like, who is hardworking,

virtuous, and responsible.

May I walk towards the future

and towards a life together

with the disposition of one who receives from God

a sacred vocation and a social duty.

May my engagement be happy,

and my love boundless.

May all engaged couples

seek mutual understanding,

communion in life,

and growth in faith.

So be it.

Alternatively, if one wishes to address Saint Anthony with a prayer to heal a marriage and strengthen the union between spouses, one can recite this:

Glorious Saint Anthony, You wielded the divine power to find what was lost. Help me rediscover the Grace of God received in the sacrament of Marriage.

May my spouse and I regain the strength, courage, hope, and faith we once had. We once possessed all of these, but the wrong decisions we made in life weakened us.

Assist us in finding again the selfless love in which we give ourselves entirely to make the other person happy. May this charity burn again like an unquenchable flame, so that joy may fill both our hearts once more.

May we find moments to give ourselves to each other in the intimacy of our relationship, and may we make the other person feel how much we appreciate their presence and the time spent together.

Oh Saint Anthony, help us find again the desire to love each other without measure. May we find forgiveness for the painful situations we have experienced. May we heal all the wounds we have inflicted on each other in moments of immaturity and indifference.

Come and strengthen our spirit so that we may love God above all else, dedicate our time to Him, and find a way to reconcile with Him.

Dear Saint Anthony, bless and protect our family; keep it united in love, that love which sustains us in our daily needs, and keep it free from evil.

Bless my spouse (say their name) and me. Help us to live with dignity the fruits of our labor, so that we may have the opportunity to grow and educate the children that the Lord has given us and those that He will give us, if it is His will.

Bless our children, that they may remain healthy and with goodness in their hearts. Help them never to lose their way; but if they should, help them find the path of love again. Help them also to focus on their studies and prepare for the future. Do not allow them to lose faith and purity whenever evil attempts to compromise their spiritual and personal growth.

Help us understand our children and guide them—through our words and example—so that they may always aspire to the noblest ideals and be able to put into practice their human and Christian vocation.