Black soapstone incense burner with double decorations 8 cm

Model: BI000156
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Black soapstone incense burner with double decorations 8 cm.
This incense burner is 8 cm high and is characterised by the engraved and perforated decoration to form intertwined leaves on two twists. At the base there is the candle, while at the top there is the small frying pan for charcoal.
This incense burner is made of soapstone, a naturally heat-resistant stone that gives it the characteristic of uniqueness, thanks to the natural variations in colour and design of the stone each incense burner is in fact different from the other.

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Prodotto di qualità come da descrizione, me lo aspettavo più opaco, tuttavia assolve benissimo la sua funzione.

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Hello Holyart Team, I would like to appreciate the wonderful service rendered during the purchase....
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