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Protection and Safety Devices

Personal protective equipment and safety devices, against COVID-19 protective tools for churches, parishes, places of worship, and public spaces. Following the Coronavirus flu pandemic of 2020, one of the most important and fundamental issues will be to protect ourselves from the contagion in everyday life, including  in places of worship, and to guarantee safety in the performance of Holy Masses. Precisely for this reason, we have set up a category dedicated to PPE (Personal Protection Equipment and Barriers against contagions) to safeguard the health of all people during this phase of containment of COVID-19. Here you can find prevention and safety devices such as: plexiglass panels and barriers, plexiglass masks, pliers for the distribution of particles, sanitising dispenser stands, disposable surgical masks FFP2 FFP3 for the face, gloves, and much more. The catalogue is constantly updated as many companies in our sector have responded positively in the conversion of the production of anti-contagion protection tools. We maintain daily contact with suppliers and know this category will during these difficult times.

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