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Willow Tree - Jim Shore

Willos Tree and Jim Shore most beautiful items. Willow Tree: tatues and cards made by the famous American artist Susan Lordi. Her original sculptures made with simplicity of form and absence of facial features show daily family life. Jim Shore: angles, music boxes and nativity. Willow Tree and Jim Shore items make great gift ideas for special occasions or home decorations.

Paula | 11/18/2023
Hello. Ordered St Catherine Siena statue Sat, Nov 11th...it was delivered today, Friday, Nov...
Sanrio | 10/26/2023
Aloha, I’m in tears to see the statue. It’s very beautiful. It arrives safely yesterday. May...
Pamela | 8/31/2023
Thank you and your colleagues so so much for everything as I received the Stole!! We will be to...