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Our Lady of Troiensk three hands, hand-painted icon, 24x20 cm, antique Russian style

Model: IC090722
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Our Lady of Troiensk three hands, hand-painted icon, 24x19.5 cm, antique Russian style. Icon painted by hand with tempera on lime wood by Polish artists following Russian iconographic traditional technique. The icon is finished with gold-plated leaf and antique effect.
The Mother of God of Three Hands refers to the miracle occurred to Saint John Damascene, whose severed hand was healed when he protected the icon from the iconoclasts.
Delivered with guarantee certificate and history of the icon.
Hand-painted icon: each piece is one of a kind.

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L'icona è davvero molto bella, dipinta con cura e grande maestria. Un vero gioiello in cui la bravura dell'artista si rivela nella meticolosa rappresentazione del tema iconografico.

David | 5/31/2024
Good morning, Please may I say thank you to.your Staff for the safe.arrival of 2xChasubles...
Veronica | 5/27/2024
They delivered it and I just opened it and everything is overwhelmingly gorgeous!!!!! The crosses...
Teddy | 5/20/2024
My delivery just arrived. Thank you for your lovely help, and the vigil lamps are perfect! I will...