Cradle headboard pink with pom pom, angel and music box

Model: BT005040
£ 23.13
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Cradle headboard pink with pom pom, angel and music box. The musical box is activated pressing the back of the cradle headboard. The image is made by a metal slab wet in silver. The slab is placed on a base made of leather imitation and a ribbon. This article is 100 % made in Italy.

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Bellissimo capoculla. Nella parte in silver è ritratto un Angelo che veglia sul neonato. Questa parte è appoggiata su una base bianca contornata da soffici pon pon rosa.. Il retro è in velluto rosa e al centro vi è il pulsante da schiacciare per attivare il carillon. Non poteva mancare il nastrino per appenderlo.

David | 5/31/2024
Good morning, Please may I say thank you to.your Staff for the safe.arrival of 2xChasubles...
Veronica | 5/27/2024
They delivered it and I just opened it and everything is overwhelmingly gorgeous!!!!! The crosses...
Teddy | 5/20/2024
My delivery just arrived. Thank you for your lovely help, and the vigil lamps are perfect! I will...