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Reliquary with cross and 4 display cases

Model: OS000347
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Reliquary with cross and 4 display cases.
Reliquary in gilded brass, cross shaped and with 4 display cases measuring 5 cm of diameter (1,97 in). The display cases do not have any cloth or velvet.
This reliquary is made of gilded brass with silver pommel, the foot is hammered.

  • Shipping Weight: 0.2Kg
  • Materials: brass
  • Origin: Italy


  • Height25 cm
  • Diameter5 cm
  • Height9.84 in
  • Diameter1.97 in
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The reliquary arrived from Italy to the United Kingdom very quickly and well packed. Each element is of good size, sufficient to hold most types of theca and are fitted with a hinge and clasp. The finish is pleasing and the overall size is sensible for home use. I shall be fitting each element with a velvet backing pad onto which I shall fasten my thecas. To do this, I will use a Velcro® extra strength double-sided coin which will hold the pad securely without damaging the rear of each of the elements. I am happy with this reliquary and thank Holy Art for making it available.

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